ns’s random stuff 私わバカ。

Random stuff exists here, and links to it. Not all of them are useful.

random writings

aonet; note, the page is currently super outdated. I’ll fix it when I’m not lazying. For now, address is irc.txip.in.


ns’s current GPG key (0x35293C3B11DE948F); this is the only authentic source, don’t trust copies you get from keyservers (if any). Fingerprint is 73E2 B9F8 2744 FD41 C922 CB0D 3529 3C3B 11DE 948F.

ns’s current signify(1) key; yeah, this is the one I use on mailing lists and some other places, in case you were wondering. Also, same deal as the GPG key – again, this is the only authentic source.

I have an IRC channel with random shitposts



usefulmod builds

This site is also available over Tor at uw4z4gcghecrubyu.onion, ‘cause I thought why not.