contact ns I’m available over quite a few places, but these are the only ones I check often at this point in time, or probably will soon™ (looking at you, Matrix).


For most people, the most convenient (but also slowest) way to contact me is through good ‘ol mail.

echo "af@gsjab.ts" | tr a-zA-Z n-za-mN-ZA-M is my address; please try to encrypt your mails, if you can. Fortunately for you (and me as well), my GPG key is provided here, so you can use it for that purpose!

I take quite a while to reply to mails, and while I can’t offer even an estimate on how long it’ll take (it varies too much for that), I can tell you that if you don’t want it to take forever, try to avoid contacting me over mail. You may get lucky and send me a mail while I’m checking my inbox for the link to that album I just got, but hey, that’s just luck, don’t rely on it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


By far the best way to contact me – and also the one I recommend the most – is over IRC! I’m available on a bunch of networks (nick’s xlei on almost all public networks), but the best network to contact me over is perhaps, my own network, aonet. Why? Simply just ‘cause I give it the most attention.

Assuming you want to talk with me specifically, just hop over there and /msg me. Unless you’re planning to talk about private stuff or just want an encrypted chat; in that case, use OTR. Here’s my fingerprint:

2550CCEB A810103E 5E8E020F 824F42A9 29EB0D73

Typically I will notice your message in an hour or less, given I’m not away (/whois me to check). If I haven’t, then I probably missed it. Feel free to send me it once more sometime when I’m not away – just don’t spam it, please. That’d probably make me avoid responding to you at all.


For now this is only a reminder for later, as no good clients or server software exist for Matrix yet. Maybe when Dendrite is released I’ll update this.